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The internet has recently taken storm of a new music genre dubbed Future house. With new music being made every day and producers jumping on these band wagons, Future House has been the most recent to take off.

Originally started as a joke by producer Tchami, Future house is defined as a mixture between Deep and Progressive House. The genre has a chill and sometimes powerful tone, adding bassliness and minimal nuisances to make it feel funky. Some producers such as GTA, Zeds Dead, and surprisingly Paul Oakenfold, have even done remixes of their own songs with the Future House feel.

Future House is taking off, and fast! It will be interesting to see what producers, and the crowds that listen to it, do with the new musical brand.

Here are some producers to look forward too:

Paul Okenfold




Goshfather & Jinco

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Tiny Music Blog takes a look at "Future House"

Thursday, 26 March 2015
Posted by Tiny Music
           As you may have noticed, we have launched the NEW Tiny Music Blog. As with every new addition or changes to existing platforms, you might experience bugs with the site. If there is something that you notice, Please feel free to get into contact with us and let us know where the problem lies. While the site may have changed its face, We are still your number one source for new content and we will continue to bring you fresh new music, interviews, etc. the way we always have!

          Changes ARE still being made, but we felt like we needed to keep our promise and deliver the site sooner rather than later. Thanks to all the Tiny Music Blog fans who have supported this site throughout the years and we hope you enjoy the new site.

 The current changes have been made to the site:
  • New look and layout
  • Tabs!
  • Direct Links so social media platforms
  • Randomized backgrounds
  • Anything we missed.
Stay tuned! This is definitely just the tip of the iceberg! 

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Welcome to the NEW Tiny Music Blog!

Monday, 19 January 2015
Posted by Tiny Music
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             As part of the changes that will be coming to the Tiny Music Blog, One of these changes talked about was a new look and logo! The new logo arrived in our inbox today and we couldn't wait till the launch of the new website to share it all with you!

             Our new logo was done by a company called Dream Beast Studios! They specialize in Flyers, Logos, Mixtape covers and so much more! Be sure to check their website out here.

             Special thanks to Dream Beast for helping us envision a new future for Tiny Music Blog.

Say "Hello!" to the new TMB Logo!

Sunday, 2 November 2014
Posted by Tiny Music

Before we launch the new Tiny Music Blog here in a couple weeks, We decided to catch up and review a few EPs and Singles you may have missed during the hiatus.

Back in September, Key N' Krates released their "Every Nite" EP on Dim Mak Records,
their fourth EP since they started back in 2008. The trio, based out of Toronto, Canada, identifies themselves as a band, rather than a DJ group, and performs live with Adam Tune playing the Drums, David Matisse on the Piano, and "Flowinsky," triggering samples along with a Turntable for scratching. They've done remixes for Bassnectar, Madeon, and even Zedd's "Follow You Down" which gained critical acclaim!

I sat down to listen and review the "Every Nite" EP and let me tell you, it's nothing short of impressive.

The single off the EP, "Are We Faded," perhaps defines the EP the most out of all the tracks.
The EP is very Deep and Chill with tracks like "Yes We Faded" and "She's So High" feeling more
heavy, as opposed to "Hypnotik" and "Understand Why" being more upbeat and energetic.

"Your Love," the 5th song off the EP, falls in between those lines and feels like a Future Bass track.
That's not saying it falls short of the albums expectation, but rather happens to be different from the
album in its entirety.

Regardless, the Every Nite EP is exactly what you'd expect from Keys 'N Krates while still keeping it fresh.

Check out the full EP down below for your listening pleasure!

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Catching Up: Keys 'N Krates - Every Nite EP

Monday, 27 October 2014
Posted by Tiny Music
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Over the past couple months, you may have noticed a huge hiatus that overcame the Tiny Music Blog. The owners of TMB had become busy with personal lives and really didn't have time to post new content. With that being said, they searched for someone to take over the blog. A couple months went by and this morning, a decision was finally reached...

My name is CJ, I also go by Zero Excuse. I'm an American music producer here in the San Francisco Bay Area with a love for Electronic Music and discovering new artists. I am proud to announce that I am the new owner of Tiny Music Blog.

Over the next couple weeks, you will see some changes start to happen here on the blog. First, a new layout will overtake the blog. I want the TMB site to still be easy to navigate, but have a fresh new look! Second, TMB will be starting up a podcast! We will be looking for up and coming artists to share their tracks and mixtapes. I will handpick this content and those chosen will receive a write up here on the Tiny Music Blog. Finally, new content and free music will be coming to the Tiny Music Blog. Everyone enjoys free stuff and I feel it is only fair to give back to the community that has kept the Tiny Music Blog alive!   

Thank you for your dedication and support to the site, I promise to uphold the Tiny Music Blog name for (hopefully) years to come, and hope you ride along on the incredible journey with us. 

About Zero Excuse: 

Emerging from the San Francisco South Bay, Zero Excuse has made a decent name for himself.

Producing at 13 and later deejaying at 16, Zero Excuse continues to progress all over the bay area! From Berkeley To Oakland, From San Francisco all the way to Santa Clara, Zero Excuse will rocks shows like no other. But this DJ doesn't just play any type of music, this DJ plays only the hard flavor of music you've come to know and love!

Bringing massive energy to a dance floor any chance he gets, you can make sure this Producer and DJ refuses to be overlooked. Wither is 10 People, or 10,000 People, Zero strives to make his mark not only on his fans he calls his friends, but his fellow DJs alike.

Catch Zero Excuse invading your local shows soon!

A New Tiny Music Blog (Coming Soon..)

Sunday, 19 October 2014
Posted by Tiny Music
This week we bring you something different on TMB in the first installment of a two part series, involving a couple of our favourite artists, Danny Howard and the Futuristic Polar Bears. With their track ‘Vargo’ currently smashing the Beatport charts, we thought that it’d make a nice change to the standard interview process if we took a back seat this time round and invited the guys to interview each other instead.  Want to know why the Polar Bears would rather pogo to a gig, or what Danny’s cooking skills (or lack of) are like?  Then read on!

First up, it’s the Polar Bears chance to interview Danny Howard. 

FPB:  There’s been a lot of buzz around the internet about the Video we had made for Vargo, what have everybody’s reactions been like when you’ve showed it to friends & family etc?

DANNY:  The reaction is always a positive one. You see the smile appear on people’s faces as soon as the kid starts dancing which is exactly what I want to see. When I saw the first cut I couldn’t stop laughing!

FPB:  You are travelling and flying as much as we are at the moment, what do you do to keep yourself entertained? Do you have any pre-flight rituals?

DH:  I don’t have any pre-flight rituals other than to actually make the flight on time! I’ve been known to miss the odd one but I’m working on that!
In terms of keeping myself entertained, I actually use the time on a flight to get work done or sleep… A bit boring really but what else can you productively do on a flight?!  

FPB:  Being resident at Pacha Ibiza & BCM Mallorca must be great fun, how do your sets differ between the 2 venues?

DH:  Both venues are an absolute dream come true. Pacha is because my all-time hero Erick Morillo had a residency there and I saw him play many times which was always amazing. I never in a million years thought I’d blag it into the DJ box, never mind a residency! BCM is always fun because you’re playing a world class set up but without the pressure of musical snobbery so the atmosphere is always top class.
Musically, I play much deeper and upfront at Pacha whereas BCM is more chaotic so it’s all about the big room bangers so the music matches the madness on the dance floor!

FPB:  You are that busy at the minute that even we struggle to get hold of you on the phone and Skype etc... How are balancing your time over the summer between radio shows, gigs, studio time?

DH:  This is true! I’m actually answering your questions in the back of a taxi on the way to the airport right now! Ha! Never stops but it’s the way I like it… Being busy is a good thing! I’m on a tight schedule and my whole of July is planned out day to day… The trick is to stick to the plan and hopefully everything will get done!! Unfortunately I’m not exactly the most organised person in the world so I’ll end up chasing my tail at some point this summer I’m sure!

FPB:  We’ve set a benchmark with the Vargo video!  How will we top it with the next one?!

DH:  It’s about thinking up an idea that isn’t to cliché to the scene already. Club & Festival shots are great because they really capture the atmosphere that the track can create in a live environment but every producer in the world is doing this style so I’d like to stay away from that again.
I’d quite like to get a real life Polar Bear in the video. Possibly make it dance. Something like that.


FPB:  Who’s your favourite polar bear and why?

DH:  Lars. I like that he’s a banana eating polar bear and I like bananas too… I think we’d really get on.

FPB:  What is your favourite Vodka or Jaeger?

DH:  Jaeger! Although I think I need to stop drinking it as it’s not doing anything for my beach bod. My two-pack is fading…

FPB:  If you could add one word to the dictionary, what would it be and why?

DH:  Vargo!! It didn’t mean anything until we made it up!

FPB:  Next time we get in the studio together, we’ve decided you are providing the studio food. What are you going to cook us?

DH:  Well the problem is I never cook! I just burn everything so I would attempt to cook something, burn it and then repeat the process until we all decided that buying in a Nando’s is the safest option for all.

FPB:  Finally when are we coming to Ibiza to write some new music together? ;)

DH:  Haha!! Anytime… Always welcome!

Don't forget you can get hold of Vargo on Beatport herepreview the track here or watch the video here.

Futuristic Polar Bears

Danny Howard

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This weekend we bring you a fantastic progressive house track from the young producer Markquis. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Markquis is an electronic music producer/DJ and Audio Engineering student currently studying in Los Angeles, CA. He started playing the piano and keyboard at the age of 12 and continued to progress his musical creativity at the age of 16, when he took up the drums and guitar. A few months ago he was introduced to an amazingly talented vocalist, Adam Brausen, and we are glad that they have come together to release this incredible, uplifting production. The emotion of the track can be heard in the progressive melody and meaningful vocals, certain to get dance floors across the world moving this weekend. Enjoy the track and don't forget this is also a free download!

Fallen Love by 

Markquis ft. Adam Brausen

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Weekend Dancefloor Filler: Fallen Love

Saturday, 7 June 2014
Posted by Tiny Music

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